Do you want a base in Asia? Or maybe an island? I can help

Many many people ask me how I could rent an island and how much it costs me. When I tell them about the price, they are shocked. Actually the locals give the islands away for nothing. If you want to marry a local woman you have to pay almost the price of an island to her parents for just the wedding party. It is crazy. Continue reading “Do you want a base in Asia? Or maybe an island? I can help”

I need a job!

I am out of money. I started my travel with ~20.000 USD. I traveled one year. I rented the island and paid all fees for 30 years in the beginning. I started to build my home on the island. But then I lost a lot of money. Why? Because of many problems, which actually could not been avoided. Continue reading “I need a job!”

What content will come next?

Hi friends and followers,

so what will come next? Will this be my last blog post for the next 2 years? Or will there come more content? What kind of content? Well, what would you like? Continue reading “What content will come next?”

Yes, I am still alive! And I got my island! Wanna join?

Hello friends and followers,

I am still among the living. I am still on my epic quest for happiness. Actually I found the perfect spot for the quest. A perfect spot for farming happiness: I rented my own island! I made my biggest life dream reality! Now I can lay down and die. Lifetime goal achievement completed. Continue reading “Yes, I am still alive! And I got my island! Wanna join?”

A truly sustainable project

I found a project in Mexico which is really similar to what I am planning in Asia. If you want to get a better idea about “Berndout”, check the page of the Papaya Playa Project!

My minimalist & little unconventional packing approach

At the moment I think about the equipment I need to start my trip. One thing is for sure: it will me a minimalist approach and I will only pack what really is necessary for me. Continue reading “My minimalist & little unconventional packing approach”

Social Media Accounts connected!

Now the most important social media accounts are connected to this blog. You can check it out and I am happy about any kind of feedback!

Winter is coming…

This is a famous quote of a dead person. With this quote the adventure of this person and all around him began. There are similarities to my plan. The coming winter is my signal to start my adventure.   Continue reading “Winter is coming…”

Günther Hamkers is awesome

He lives alone in the woods for 50 years now and he is happy as fuck. The only thing what annoys him is the weather if its cold and rainy. Thats why I want to go South first! 🙂

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